Atelier USINEX is known for meeting special requests from clients who require the expertise of machinists and welders well seasoned in the field of large part machining, manufacturing, CNC cutting and welding.

All Atelier USINEX projects demonstrate our dedicated craftsmanship and commitment to our clients.

Atelier USINEX has experience completing a wide variety of projects including the complete manufacturing of a crusher impact rotor, a complete primary rock crusher, a rotary sieve and conveyors, as well as the repair and machining of a jaw crusher and all related parts. For anything from a massive lifting hook for a steel mill to much smaller parts, Atelier USINEX is there to help our clients find solutions that work.

Our whole team is proud to share this look at our work.

  • Complete manufacturing of a rock crusher
  • Complete manufacturing of a rotary sieve for a dry material recycling company (construction / renovation / demolition materials)
  • Complete mechanical disassembly, lubrication analysis and machining of a jaw
  • Hydraulic components

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