Atelier USINEX is a Quebec company specialized in machining large parts.


expertise to perfectly meet your needs

Founded in 2007, Atelier USINEX is a Quebec business specialized in large parts machining, manufacturing based on plans and specifications, CNC cutting, welding and repairs.

Atelier USINEX is known for its efficiency, reliability, professional service and expertise in handling and executing projects of all scales. Its CWB certification means that clients benefit from the USINEX welders’ exceptional skills.

A tightly-welded team

The Atelier USINEX team is recognized for its experience, efficiency, transparency and skills. The members of the Atelier USINEX family take a multidisciplinary approach, working together to offer you superior-quality products that both surpass industry standards and your expectations.

Our seasoned machinists and experienced welders join forces to execute projects of all kinds, on any scale.

Experienced service, no matter how unique the client!

Atelier USINEX works each day to design and provide optimal solutions for the machining of small, medium and large parts, servicing a significant number of industries in Quebec and the United States. The workshop mainly services the following types of companies and sectors:

  • Machine, welding and industrial mechanics shops
  • Mines (quarries, sandpits and gravel pits)
  • Recyclers of dry materials (construction/renovation/demolition materials)
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Steel mills and manufacturers of metal parts
  • Smelting and non-ferrous metal refining industries
  • Elevator cylinder and pumping unit manufacturers
  • Sawmills (forestry equipment)
  • Agricultural industries

Expertise our clients can always count on

The Atelier USINEX team applies its methodical, field-tested approach to each project, with their many and more than satisfied clients:

  • A first conversation where we focus on listening to your situation to understand your needs
  • Thorough analysis of your project
  • A clear, simple and workable proposal
  • Manufacturing your product
  • Quality control to offer you a superior-quality finished product
  • Delivery of your product in compliance with the safety codes in place
  • Quality assurance follow-up to ensure your full satisfaction

Member and certification

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