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Products and equipment:

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USINEX Industriel is proud to offer one of the largest ranges of products and equipment in the industry. With us you’ll find all the major welding and cutting brands, a multitude of quality products, and consumables and accessories to meet all your needs. Plus, you’ll benefit from our team’s experience and unparalleled service!

USINEX Industriel | Welding equipment and materials supply

Equipment and accessories Sales, rentals and repairs

Welding machines, plasma cutters, gas equipment, fume extractors, cutting torches, pressure regulators, etc.

USINEX Industriel | Accessories and tools for welding

Accessories and tooling products

Welding guns, ground clamps, grinders, etc.

USINEX Industriel | Filler materials supply

Filler metals

MIG, cored wire, maintenance and repair electrodes, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, etc.

USINEX Industriel | Abrasives supply


Everything for surface finishing (Ameta, Metaflux, Klingspor and others)

USINEX Industriel | Welding safety gear supply

Safety equipment

Welding helmets, gloves, protective clothing, etc.

USINEX Industriel | Chemical and complementary products

Chemical and complementary products

Degreasers, cleaners, lubricants, corrosion protection, aerosols and liquids for various processes (welding, machining, mechanics, etc.) and much more!

USINEX Industriel | Mining industry supplies

Material and supplies for the mining industry

Wear plates, anti-wear CastoTubes® (preventative protection against extreme abrasion and erosion), etc.

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Products and equipment: USINEX Industriel has everything you’re looking for!

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